Don’t think Webcam Hacking is real?

Did you know?
    Facts about Webcam security risks
  • A hacker can turn on your webcam and turn off the webcam indicator light from anywhere in the world as long as your computer is on!

  • Once on, they can watch you, record you, and take photos of you without your knowledge, and distribute the recordings/images within minutes via the Web. They can even stream your image live!

  • Firewalls and other computer security systems cannot 100% guarantee that you are not being watched right now…

  • There are hundreds of websites, how-to-guides, and tutorials teaching hackers how to invade your privacy! (Don't believe us? Google "webcam hacking" and see for yourself… scary isn't it!)

  • Starting in 2011, most laptops, tablet computers, and mobile phones manufactured have built-in webcams

Webcam Security 101

Like we've already said, we are not here to scare you into not using your webcams... we think they are awesome! With that said, we do believe that you should fully understand the risks associated with them so you can take simple yet effective measures to protect your privacy. Here is some good information for you to fully understand the risks and how to protect yourself:

How Can Webcams affect your Privacy?
You have the power to Protect Yourself!