Sponsor a Wish List
and Get the Recognition
you Deserve!

We believe organizations, companies, and individuals have a responsibility to help shape the world into a better and safer place. To that end, we have created the CamPatch Academy Wish List Program, a way for philanthropists to help ensure privacy for thousands of individuals worldwide while gaining the recognition they rightfully deserve!

What does it cost the Sponsor?

To recognize our sponsors, we will print your name/logo on each CamPatch and the packaging so the recipients of your generous gift will always know where it came from! What better way to show your commitment to the safety of the community.

Sponsors agree to pay for the costs for each Security Kit, which includes the price of the CamPatches and shipping/processing fees. Sponsors select which organizations they wish to sponsor by reviewing the Wish List database, which includes the receiving organization’s name, the number of individuals who will receive your donation, the city/state of the organization, and the full cost associated with each sponsorship. You are free to sponsor one or multiple organizations!

please email info@campatchacademy.org

Receive FREE Webcam Security Kits!

    Each FREE Webcam Security Kit consists of:

  • CamPatch camera covers for every member of the qualifying organization
  • CamPatch Academy educational information to be distributed to members
  • CamPatch Academy Webcam Security Best Practices" poster

Campatch Wishlist Program

How does the program work?

Organizations simply fill out the simple "Wish List" registration form which asks for information on their group (school, church / mosque / temple, non-profit organization), the number of students / members the Webcam Security Kit will cover, and how they will be distributed.

CamPatch & CamPatch Academy keeps a running database of organizations which have requested the Webcam Security Kits and provides it to philanthropists which can select to sponsor the Kits for one or multiple organizations.

If Selected, CamPatch will send the FREE Webcam Security Kits at NO COST to the organization! Organization's in-turn are required to distribute the Kit's to their members for FREE.

If you have any questions, please email: info@campatchacademy.org