CamPatch Academy

About CamPatch Academy

First thing's first - WE LOVE WEBCAMS! They are an easy, fast, and often free way to stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues anywhere in the world! Unfortunately, there are some nut-jobs out there who want to exploit this awesome technology and invade your privacy.

CamPatch Academy™, the philanthropic arm of CamPatch®, is designed to provide education, resources, and links to promote privacy for anyone with a webcam. We think that with a little education and good-old-fashioned common sense can go a long way to protect you and those you care about.

Our goals are pretty simple:
  • Create a world where everyone with a webcam has the basic knowledge and resources to use it safely
  • Decrease the privacy and security concerns people have about webcams through discussion, education and awareness
  • Provide access on products, tips, and techniques which can minimize the risk of someone invading your privacy

Thanks for checking out our site, and happy camming!
Team CamPatch